[maemo-users] [maemo-users] maemo 2.0 beta bugs and wishes discussion....

From: Michael Flaig mflaig at mozilla-center.de
Date: Sun Jun 11 19:02:16 EEST 2006

Am Sonntag, den 11.06.2006, 16:06 +0200 schrieb Jac Kersing:
> On Sun, 11 Jun 2006, Michael Flaig wrote:

you have found some evil bugs, too. 

I haven´t used the feed reader since the upgrade. I wasn´t very
comfortable with it, how it was in 1.1 - seems it hasn´t gotten much
more stable...

> >      * WISHLIST
> >              * SMIME in Mail is there but does anybody use it? IMHO
> >                GnuPG is much more common.
> Yes, people use SMIME. As Outlook (Express) has it build in it's very 
> convenient when exchanging mail with the mayority of the internet users.

I suspect here: I´m from South-West Germany and it seems to me that
here, we do not use S/MIME at all. Haven´t seen it much on mailinglists,

The most Users I know do have PGP and we are also using it for jabber.
For most users that are not interested in technology, they seem to not
use or think about signing or encryption at all.

Probably I file an wishlist bug of adding pgp support to mail and
jabber, if it´s not already there.

should be possible to build an key managing app out of existing gtk
tools, but integration has to be done by nokia.

and btw. 2 hours ago I could login to gmail ...


Michael Flaig <mflaig at mozilla-center.de>

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