[maemo-users] [maemo-users] extending 770 video player

From: Loreno Oliveira lorenooliveira at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jun 12 05:21:11 EEST 2006
You are sure, gstreamer is a good point of start.
I have not started reading any documentation about gstreamer, just some
pieces of information for getting an overview of what it is.

However, based on the figure at
http://maemo.org/platform/docs/multimedia/images/multimedia/770-arch.png ,
gstreamer is only an api by which upper applications may use to access  the
multimedia functionalities of 770. That is, using gstreamer is certainly
part of the solution, but I think that for extending the 770 video player,
the video player itself should announce some interface through which people
may extend its capabilities, such as providing a new feature for RTP stream
playback. It's this documentation what I'm missing...

Does anybody knows if such documentation exists, or even whether is it


On 6/11/06, Chris Bare <chris at bareflix.com> wrote:
> > Well, instead of creating a new video player from scratch, is there any
> way
> > of extending the 770's video player? is there some document where I can
> > start reading for doing this? The idea is to utilize the 770's video
> player
> > interface itself and just implement the stream reception module.
> I believe the video player is based on gstreamer, and the new Beta is
> updated
> to gstreamer 0.10. You should be able to use the same gstreamer elements
> in
> your own application. If I understand correctly, there is an output
> element
> that uses the DSP for better performance. Unfortunately I don't know any
> of
> the details, I'm just starting to learn gstreamer myself.
> --
> Chris Bare
> chris at bareflix.com
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