[maemo-users] [maemo-users] maemo 2.0 beta bugs and wishes discussion....

From: Adrian Neumaier adrian at firehand.org
Date: Mon Jun 12 13:41:04 EEST 2006
Jac Kersing schrieb:
>>      * WISHLIST
>>              * SMIME in Mail is there but does anybody use it? IMHO
>>                GnuPG is much more common.
> Yes, people use SMIME. As Outlook (Express) has it build in it's very
> convenient when exchanging mail with the mayority of the internet users.

I know quite a few people (perhaps two dozen), work and private, who use
outcrook (some even the express *shudder*), but none of them has cared
yet about smime. Most don't even know what it is. They do use gpg though.

Not supporting gpg/pgp or no possibilty to use it with the n770 would
disable secure communication for the other part of the mail users.

BTW: Do you have a trusted smime cert from Verisign or any other trusted
CA (assuming you're using smime)? If not whats the use of those certs
then when not comming from a trusted CA?

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