[maemo-users] [maemo-users] MMC partitions w/ ITOS2006

From: Igor Stoppa igor.stoppa at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jun 12 18:36:05 EEST 2006
On Mon, 2006-06-12 at 18:18 +0300, ext Kimmo Hämäläinen wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-06-12 at 17:47, ext Frantisek Dufka wrote:

> > opening door physically disabled mmc interface and device nodes were not 
> > available i.e. you couldn't mount inserted card until door is closed.
> That was caused by a kernel patch that disabled polling of the MMC until
> the MMC cover is closed. (That makes sense to save power, but prevents
> usage of full-size MMC.) I'm not sure if the same patch is coming to the
> sales release.
MMC polling only on open cover should still be present in the sales
release, if not, please let me know =)


Igor Stoppa (Nokia M - OSSO / Tampere)

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