[maemo-users] [maemo-users] extending 770 video player

From: Mike Lococo mpl22 at cornell.edu
Date: Wed Jun 14 01:43:11 EEST 2006
Loreno Oliveira wrote:
> Apparently, the browser has some built-in smartness for opening pull 
> streams (the client application starts and controls the stream 
> transfering). This is uncommon but definitely cool :-)

Thanks for the correction, that is uncommon.  Typically, fast playback 
is implemented by firing up the media player before the download is 
complete, but the browser still handles transport and still writes the 
download out to the filesystem.

To step back to your original post...

- It's worth noting that the Video Player has always supported HTTP and 
RTSP streaming (although not always with the level integration noted 
above), provided the video is compressed appropriately.  This is already 
documented in the wiki and you can stream video to the device today if 
you set it up properly.

- That's not the same as being able to view whatever random stream you 
find on the web.  To my knowledge, the player does not support MMS 
streams and there are lots of codecs it can't read.  If there's a 
_particular_ stream you want to view you should post a link and you'll 
get more specific responses.

- If you're serious about hacking the Video Player to add support for 
MMS streams (as you mentioned in your original post), you need to start 
looking at the gstreamer sources.  To my knowledge the Video Player 
sources are not available, and most of the heavy lifting is done by 
gstreamer anyway.  Bear in mind, though, the MMS streams are often 
associated with Windows Streaming Media and are likely to be encoded in 
unsupported formats.  Gstreamer is the place to add support for those as 
well, but it's a non-trivial project.

- Obviously if you can get another player compiled that works for you, 
that's another option.  I think lack of access to the DSP is going to 
prevent most third party video players from gathering much developer 
steam, though.


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