[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Where are the gestures?!

From: Kemal Hadimli disqkk at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jun 15 01:57:48 EEST 2006
Works for me. Make sure the end point of the movement (just before you
release the stylus) is not on the letter you're trying to "shift".

ie. if you make a tiny "up" gesture so when you release the stylus the
"pointer" is still on the letter, then it won't get capitalized.

On 6/15/06, Laurent MARTIN <laurent at gide.net> wrote:
> ...still me ;-)
> I've noticed that the gestures weren't available anymore with ITOS2006: with
> the 2005'OS, I was able to move the pen from bottom to top of the 'a' key to
> get a 'A' for example. This doesn't work anymore :-/ This was quite useful
> IMO: any plans to re-enable this on the official ITOS2006 release?
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