[maemo-users] [maemo-users] How to quit X server and to use Frame Buffer ?

From: Bongadam bongadam at laposte.net
Date: Thu Jun 15 17:45:56 EEST 2006

I'm trying to quit X server to launch a stand alone
application on the frame buffer.

When I execute '/etc/init.d/x-server.sh stop', GUI is
freezing, but after few seconds, the N770 is rebooting.  If I
kill Xomap process, the result is the same (reboot).
I suppressed link to x-server.sh in the /etc/rc?.d folder. At
the boot time, the gui is not launched but a reboot always
occurs after a few seconds.

It seems dsme tool can be useful, but I don't know how (a
'x-server.sh stop' performs a 'dsmetool -k "/usr/bin/Xomap
$EXTROPT -mouse /dev/input/event0 -pi $DISPLAY_DPI"').

Have you a solution to quit X server and to use application on
frame buffer?

Thanks and regards,


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