[maemo-users] [maemo-users] "porting" kismet to ITOS2006

From: Andrew Barr andrew.james.barr at gmail.com
Date: Sat Jun 17 15:16:10 EEST 2006
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Hi, I'm trying to "port" (./configure;make) Kismet to ITOS2006. I have 
compiled a ARMEL copy inside Scratchbox and copied it to my device and 
configured it, but when I run it I get the following output:

Nokia770-22:/media/mmc1# kismet
Server options:  none
Client options:  none
Starting server...
Waiting for server to start before starting UI...
Will drop privs to user (29999) gid 29999
No specific sources given to be enabled, all will be enabled.
Enabling channel hopping.
Enabling channel splitting.
Source 0 (prism54g): Enabling monitor mode for prism54g source interface wlan0 
channel 6...
Source 0 (prism54g): Opening prism54g source interface wlan0...
Spawned channelc control process 1326
Dropped privs to user (29999) gid 29999
Allowing clients to fetch WEP keys.
Logging networks to /media/mmc1/kismet/Kismet-Jun-17-2006-1.network
Logging networks in CSV format to /media/mmc1/kismet/Kismet-Jun-17-2006-1.csv
Logging networks in XML format to /media/mmc1/kismet/Kismet-Jun-17-2006-1.xml
Logging cryptographically weak packets 
to /media/mmc1/kismet/Kismet-Jun-17-2006-1.weak
Logging cisco product information 
to /media/mmc1/kismet/Kismet-Jun-17-2006-1.cisco
Logging gps coordinates to /media/mmc1/kismet/Kismet-Jun-17-2006-1.gps
Logging data to /media/mmc1/kismet/Kismet-Jun-17-2006-1.dump
Writing data files to disk every 300 seconds.
Mangling encrypted and fuzzy data packets.
Tracking probe responses and associating probe networks.
Reading AP manufacturer data and defaults from /usr/local/etc/ap_manuf
Reading client manufacturer data and defaults from /usr/local/etc/client_manuf
Using network-classifier based data encryption detection
Dump file format: wiretap (local code) dump
Crypt file format: airsnort (weak packet) dump
Kismet 2006.04.R1 (Kismet)
Logging data networks CSV XML weak cisco gps
GPSD cannot connect: Connection refused
Listening on port 2501.
Allowing connections from
Registering builtin client/server protocols...
Registering requested alerts...
Registering builtin timer events...
Gathering packets...
Starting UI...
Looking for startup info from localhost:2501.... found.
Connected to Kismet server 2006.04.R1 on localhost:2501
Reading AP manufacturer data and defaults from /usr/local/etc/ap_manuf
Reading client manufacturer data and defaults from /usr/local/etc/client_manuf
Error opening terminal: xterm.
Killing server...
Didn't detect any Cisco Discovery Packets, unlinking cisco dump
wait: 78: No previous job
Kismet exited.
Nokia770-22:/media/mmc1# Didn't see any weak encryption packets, unlinking 
weak file
Sending termination request to channel control child 1326...
Waiting for channel control child 1326 to exit...
WARNING: Sometimes cards don't always come out of monitor mode
         cleanly.  If your card is not fully working, you may need to
         restart or reconfigure it for normal operation.
Kismet exiting.

The error seems to be "Error opening terminal: xterm". That is the value of 
the TERM environment variable, and, indeed, if I change that value it 
says "Error opening terminal: $TERM" ($TERM being, of course, the value of 
that variable). I'm not sure what's wrong here; if someone could help me out 
I'd greatly appreciate it.

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