[maemo-users] R: [maemo-users] Using VoIP on maemo 2.0

From: Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jun 19 15:28:02 EEST 2006
> > I think that the device only supports Gtalk<->Gtalk speech. SIP-based
> > VOIP and PSTN calls aren't supported natively, IIRC.
> >
> I should recall that Nokia stated that in the Final version of IT2006
> the SIP -based VOIP would be possible, but they didnt include it in the
> beta version.
> http://press.nokia.com/PR/200605/1051308_5.html
> <clip>
> The upgraded Internet Tablet software platform can also support SIP
> based VoIP solutions for broadband business benefit. Standalone software
> applications, like the popular Gizmo Project by SIPPhone Inc, is planned
> to be available for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. The Gizmo Project has
> a rich feature set including the capability to make and receive calls
> from public telephony networks.
> </clip>
> So, it maybe that the Final IT2006 version wont yet accept
> SIP-connections but it is in the making. Maybe someone from Nokia could
> elaborate us on theyr plans with VOIP<->SIP connectivity in the future ?

I think it will be capable of supporting them but won't necessarily
ship with the support out of the box but rather will rely on third
parties to provide it. Its supported in the telepathy framework which
is used on the 770 so I don't think it'll be long before someone adds


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