[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: mmc card corrupt

From: Chris Bare chris at bareflix.com
Date: Mon Jun 19 23:36:00 EEST 2006
> FYI this "dd" trick hasn't worked for my 1GB MMC card. Finally, I've  
> reinstalled OS2005 then used cfdisk and mkfs.vfat and then reformated  
> the card using OS2005 file manager: no problem at all with the card.  
> After this, I've decided to reinstall OS2006beta to retry its file  
> manager: still the same "card corrupted" message :-/
> Chris, finally did you succeed in formatting your 64MB card on OS2006?

yes, I eventually removed and re-created the partition with fdisk on my
desktop machine. Then I formatted it with mkdosfs, again from my linux
desktop. After that the 770 recognized it fine. I haven't tried to format it
with the 770 again.
Chris Bare
chris at bareflix.com

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