[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Next revision of 770 hardware - any idea when it will be available?

From: John B. Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Date: Fri Jun 30 17:44:13 EEST 2006

has Nokia given any indication of if/when the next revision of the 770 
hardware will become available? If the 770 is going to be a stable 
ongoing member of the Nokia product portfolio, as opposed to a one shot 
offering,  then it would be reasonable if not prudent for Nokia to 
provide a hardware roadmap so that developers have an incentive to 
continue developing software for the platform.

I noticed in the Maemo software roadmap  on the www page whose url is


a reference to x86 device emulation/virtualization but I wonder whether 
the performance of the current hardware would be anywhere near 
sufficient to allow anything useful to be accomplished in a vm environment.

Interestingly, and as some on this list may be aware, Microsoft has 
recently released an ARM device emulator that runs on Windows OS's and 
is entirely decoupled from the Microsoft Visual Studio development 
environment. For anyone interested in trying out this emulator, here is 
the url at the Microsoft www site to it:


It includes images for Windows Mobile 5.0.  have tested it (the emulator 
+ the WM 5.0 images) and it works fine on Windows XP SP2 host as long as 
the host system processor speed and ram are sufficient. It runs fast 
enough that I can stream audio from a live radio www site through IE + 
Media Player on the emulated device over to the host OS and play it out 
on the speakers on the host OS without any noticeable stuttering. The 
payload measured by Media Player in this case is ~22kbs.

I have also installed and tested a SyncML client from Funambol on the 
emulator. Funambol, for those who are not aware of the company,  markets 
an opensource technology based on SyncML that allows PIM servers such as 
Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc to be sync with mobile devices that 
implement the SyncML protocol stack. Here is the url to the Funambol www 


On the subject of syncml I have two related questions:

    1. Does the 770 software support/implement  syncml?

    2. Has anyone successfully tested the 770 with the Funambol software?


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