[maemo-users] [maemo-users] osso_rss_feed_reader hangs on http://lwn.net/headlines/rss

From: René Seindal rene at seindal.dk
Date: Wed May 3 23:36:17 EEST 2006
Armin M. Warda wrote (03-05-2006 21:49):
>   Hi,
> starting today, whenever I refresh the http://lwn.net/headlines/rss 
> (Linux Weekly News) feed, the osso_rss_feed_reader (News reader) 
> hangs.
> Any similiar experiences or ideas?

I had the same problem with 5.2006.13-7, and since the news reader is 
the program I use the most, in the end I reverted to the previous 
release again.

I had several feeds which caused the news reader to hang.

Apparently the news reader in the 5.2006.13-7 release has some serious 

René Seindal.

>   More details:
> Since november last year I have been reading this LWN feed all the 
> time without problems on my Nokia 770, with all SW versions, 
> 1.2005.42-9 through 5.2006.13-7, which I am using now.
> When I remove the LWN feed from the News reader, I am able to refresh 
> all feeds again, without hang. But if I try to add the LWN feed 
> again, via the URL http://lwn.net/headlines/rss, the News reader 
> hangs immediately and can only be killed from an xterm. (Then I have 
> to kill five processes of osso_rss_feed_reader, but sometimes this 
> does not help, because the News reader icon does not disappear from 
> the task list, preventing to restart another instance of the News 
> reader again, unless I reboot.) 
> What I already tried without success:
> - rebooted the device several times
> - run the device without swap on the RS-MMC
> - removed the favicons and feeds directories from
>   /home/user/.osso_rss_feed_reader/cache/
> I have not yet reflashed the device.
> The only thing that avoids the hang is not to add the LWN feed.
> I manually downloaded the rdf from http://lwn.net/headlines/rss to the 
> browser, to me the rdf looks sane. It should not hang the News 
> reader. I have archived a copy of this rdf, just in case, the problem 
> disappears without notice, and still anybody want's to analyze it.
>   regards, Armin.

René Seindal (rene at seindal.dk)

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