[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: uffff

From: Kasper Souren kasper.souren at gmail.com
Date: Thu May 4 23:04:03 EEST 2006
I'm CC'ing to maemo-users...

> I've got some news on installing 0.193 on a fresh mashine.
> The steps I did...see below:
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> REinsTALL 4: May, 4, 20:50, image:latest-13-7, HW: F5
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> 0. choosing English local.settings
> 1. root enabled, leaving connected to PC, 770 booted and
> disconnected.
> 2. osso-Xterm 0.11 (2.6MB) (installing through Filebrowser from the
> MMC) -OK
> 3. Switching Off, Switch On
> 4. installing python by typing in the following as root:
> (for f in *.deb; do fakeroot dpkg -X $f /var/lib/install/; done)

Hmm, yes. I guess there should be another way to install python.
dpkg -X is not quite a nice thing to do.

> 5. MaemoDict v0.193: (installing through Filebrowser from the MMC)
> "Installation of MaemoDict Failed. View Details?
> Unable to install maemodict. Component is built in."

Which component?

> 6. 770. Switched off, Switch On
> 7. trying to install Plucker through Filebrowser
> "...Failed...
> Unable to install. Incompatible package"
> So, I still do not say it is MaemoDict, but definitely the problems
> appear
> after installing it, and not before.
> Kasper, is not it possible that you always trying it on a machine,
> which
> has sthng special preinstalled or set, which I do not have?

Maybe Python?

Don't know. I don't install MaemoDict that often, on a fresh machine.
Uninstalling and reinstalling, installing other version, all that is
no problem. All the time using app-installer-tool

> Another thing:
> In one of your prev files you mentioned some 'dict.dz' files
> did you mean dict.gz? If not, where do I get them from?
> I downliaded some dicts from the FreeDict site you listed on your
> site,
> but they seem to be *.deb files:(
> Link from your site I used:
> http://packages.debian.org/cgi-bin/search_packages.pl?keywords=dict-
> &version=unstable

You can dpkg -X them directly onto /var/lib/install, but it's probably
better to dpkg -X package.deb workingdir and then copy
workingdir/usr/share/dictd/* into /media/mmc1/MaemoDict or

I have some script that does this automatically, and I just need to
add some more stuff so that it fetches the debs automatically as


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