[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Application Installer problem

From: mrn at post.cz mrn at post.cz
Date: Fri May 5 12:28:30 EEST 2006
..continuing the 'unable to install', 'unable to uninstall' topic...

Now my feeling is that it is definitely python-related, coz' last 
I made one more experiment, installing the following things on a 
fresh German machine (who knows...!) 
1. ossoXterm, FBReader, PSWDSafe, Nano, Plucker (everything through 
the Application install tool in a ROW), 
2. then: python (for-do-dpkg -X), and (libgpgpe*.lib by using for-do
-dpkg in Xterm)
3. sqlite (by install tool) => Paket nicht kompatible! 
So the thing happens I think when installing whatever which is 

(even trying to install MaemoDict on a fresh machine gives this 

AFTER this case the install tool works no more
(giving messsages like'unable to install', 'unable to uninstall' )
, but dpkg -X package /var/lib/install still does his job
- putting the links even into the menu (!!!)
- but not listing the apps we install in this way in the 
'Application Installer' 

Pls, Python-installers let us know your experience!!
thnx, mrn.

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