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From: Cristobal Gonzalez Cristobal.Gonzalez at sitel.es
Date: Fri May 5 13:02:33 EEST 2006
I did order the Freedom II keyboard but was out of stock so I had to cancel
the order... I have bought the Nokia SU-8W instead, with works very well in
general (also with my Nokia 6600), though it's a bit annoying if you're
writing in Spanish and you need to write the "ñ" symbol. I think I paid 120
euros for the keyboard a couple months ago.


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Tomas Junnonen wrote:
>> It's a freedom keyboard
> Unfortunately the freedom keyboard will not work with the BT plugin, as
> the keyboard does not support the required Bluetooth HID profile. The
> keyboard uses the serial port profile, which is why it is being detected
> as a potential GPS device.
> I believe that it might be possible to get the keyboard working with the
> kbdd program, although it's quite complicated. See
> http://fanoush.webpark.cz/maemo/ and
> http://handhelds.org/moin/moin.cgi/kbdd for information.

Yes, this is your only chance if you don't want to get rid of the 
keyboard. Looks like the Freedom Keyboard II supports HID profile but 
the one you have does not.

It can be definitely made to work with kbdd from 
http://fanoush.webpark.cz/maemo/ but the hard part is to figure out 
which keyboard type supported by kbdd is compatible with you keyboard 
(if you are lucky) or more probably you may need to figure out keycodes 
and communication protocol your keyboard uses and then it needs to be 
added to kbdd. I did this with iPAQ Bluetooth Foldable and it was not so 
hard but it definitely needs some hacking and linux skills on your part. 
I may add it to kbdd if you figure out the protocol.

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