[maemo-users] [maemo-users] new 770 hardware : silent Jaaksen?

From: Frank W. Kooistra f.w.kooistra at ocelot.nl
Date: Sun May 14 09:53:36 EEST 2006

Thanks for the further info. Raise your tail !   

Ari Jaaksen not so long ago refuted the idea to upgrade the hardware

See: http://jaaksi.blogspot.com/2006/01/feedback-2-ways.html

"Monday, January 09, 2006
Feedback -- 2 ways"

and there has been a conference in the only town with accurate time when you 
flash the latest version :


"Thursday, May 04, 2006
What´s with God and open source ?
Nokia sponsored the Open Tuesday event in Helsinki this week. I gave a short 
talk and then we had a lot of discussion about open source, Nokia, 770, and 
maemo. People were really active and they had a lot of questions. Free beer. 
That was nice! " 

I think he would not have  talked like this if new hardware was due. 

Ari Jaaksen 
On Sunday 14 May 2006 02:25, Andrew Barr wrote:
> Hm, maybe you should read this instead of listening to what I just said:
> http://maemo.org/pipermail/maemo-developers/2006-April/003709.html

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