[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Kernel issues on Nokia 770

From: Andrey Khurri andrey.khurri at hiit.fi
Date: Mon May 15 10:12:35 EEST 2006
Hi guys,

I've already tried to get help from you here on my issues but there has 
been no answer so I guessed that my previous message was a bit messy and 
contained an excess information to be posted on this mailing list.

So now very concretely my questions are:

Has anyone ever been making a kernel package for the Nokia 770 which can 
be installed there with Application Installer rather than deploying 
'zImage' of new kernel onto the device?

Is it accomplishable at all to have a few kernel images on the Nokia at 
the same time and choose one using a boot loader as it usually happens 
with normal Linux mashines?

Andrey Khurri, Researcher
Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT)
Tel: +358 50 384 1510
Fax: +358  9 694 9768
andrey.khurri at hiit.fi

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