[maemo-users] [maemo-users] new 770 hardware instead of software update to add VOIP?

From: Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Date: Mon May 15 11:19:54 EEST 2006
> On Sun, 2006-05-14 at 15:33 -0500, Kasper Souren wrote:
> > Isn't that normal with these kind of gadgets? If you care about that
> > you should never buy any hardware.
> It is normal, but the period of time we are talking about here is short
> even for consumer electronics.
> I don't care if they come out with new Maemo hardware, I do care if they
> don't support both (or all) models/revisions fully--this tends to happen
> after several iterations of hardware with most stuff. Fortunately, the
> Maemo/Nokia 770 will probably end up being very different due to the
> openness of the whole thing.
> Anyway, evidently the idea of new hardware has been debunked already:
> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.handhelds.maemo.user/1137

Rumour mills are a great thing. I really don't think that Nokia is
going to slap the developers in the face and not release a updated
firmware for the 770, they have said all along that they would and why
hurt the very people that are supporting them. If they did make this
disasterous move the vast majority of the code is now there for the
community to build the new release albeit minus any non-free products.

As for a new device, its possible but I suspect its more likely going
to be a repackaging of the existing device with the new firmware
possible some extra addons like a bluetooth keyboard and an account
for a local wireless provider with some included 'airtime minutes'.
This would allow them to get some funding for the device from those
providers and another outlet for them as the providers would then push
the device. I heard somewhere that Orange is doing this and possible


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