[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Hama Bluetooth Freedom Mini Keyboard

From: Santeri Lindgren forge at olen.to
Date: Wed May 24 20:04:44 EEST 2006
Laurent MARTIN wrote:
> Hi!
> Has anyone here already tried this BT keyboard with the Nokia 770?
> http://wwwhama.de/portal/articleId*126221/action*2563 
> <http://www.hama.de/portal/articleId*126221/action*2563>
> Any feedback? TIA.
While i do not have any experience with the keyboard, i am still under 
the impression that ANY HID-compatible keyboard should work. Now do not 
take this like its' 100% but if its HID-compatible, it should work with 
N770 with the appropriate plugin.

As far as i have seen the only ones not to work have been 
non-HID-devices and they have been managed to work with lots of work 
with xkbd (or whatever the progs name was).

Greets, Santeri

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