[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Strange behaviour when volume is off, wifi is on and cover is on

From: alessandro pasotti apasotti at gmail.com
Date: Sat May 27 09:49:25 EEST 2006
2006/5/26, Michael P. Lococo <mpl22 at cornell.edu>:

> > Try this (with latest firmware):
> >
> > 1 - connect with wifi
> > 2 - turn off sound from the panel applet (completely off, click on the
> > loudspeacker icon)
> > 3 - put the cover on
> >
> >
> > If you pull off the cover again, you will notice that wifi is still
> > active.
> I don't reproduce this behavior.
Does it happen consistently for you?

Well, after rebooting I also cannot reproduce it anymore...

It happened twice, both the times I was just surfing the web and using
fbreader when I closed the cover.

The first time it happened incidentally, it was in the evening, so at 4 AM
it ran out of battery and started making beeps, it woke me up indeed, the
cover was on.

 The second time I did it intentionally following the procedure described

Are you playing an audio stream or accessing the network in some other
> way?

The first time I was listening to a radio stream, but I am pretty sure I
switched it off before putting the cover on.

Do you have any third-party apps installed?

Yes, a lot. But none of them except fbreader was (apparently) running (maybe
in the background after an unclean exit, who can say, I did'nt  run a ps).

I'll keep investingating to see if I can reproduce it again.

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