[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Bluetooth and GPS

From: Frank W. Kooistra f.w.kooistra at ocelot.nl
Date: Sat May 27 11:37:22 EEST 2006
I have similar problems with a Virtual keyboard. If i try connect, it will 
almost never connect (Itech Virtual Keyboard : works wonderfull, albeid not 
in to bright environments. )

When i go to settings, and choose "select device from list", it will find the 
device, put it on the list and , after once pairing, it will always connect 
as soon as i switch on the VKB. 

when i try (again) via connect (first option) , it will not. 
Sometimes  connection fails in both options
a (course) reboot will allow connection again: after selection "connect from 

I saw the demon is not used ( pin is different a.o) 
The demon can be configured as master, slave, and change state 
Maybe when choose connect it is in the wrong state? 

I have not tried to use the demon: not used the flasher to get root status. 

A friend has the same problem : I think he has not tried my trick yet) 

It is worth to try the same procedure with the GPS i think     

On Friday 26 May 2006 12:47, Hans J. Koch wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm desperately trying to make my BT GPS receiver work. Current situation
> is as follows:
> - The Bluetooth plugin (maemo-bt-plugin 0.4.0-1) doesn't find the GPS. It
> keeps searching for several minutes until I stop it manually.
> - I put the ID of my GPS in ~/gps.id, with that gpsdrive works fine, but
> only for a short time. After a while, gpsdrive reproducably displays
> "Timeout getting data from GPS receiver!". If I switch off the GPS and stop
> gpsdrive, it works again if I wait some time, but with the same results. I
> use maemo-gpsd (0.0.1) and maemo-gpsdrive (0.0.3).
> Firmware is Internet Tablet 2005 software edition 5.2006.13-7.
> Questions:
> Does anybody successfully use a GPS for longer than a few minutes?
> What could be the problem?
> What can I do?
> Any hints are welcome.
> Cheers,
> Hans

Frank W. Kooistra 
770 - Itech VKB - 
1GB MMC Mobile MMC4.0
The Netherlands

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