[maemo-users] [maemo-users] pdf reader: suggestions for improvement

From: Damien Challet dchallet at onetel.com
Date: Mon Nov 6 16:09:10 EET 2006
Dear All,

The pdf reader (a very nice piece of software) makes it a pain to go to the 
next/prev page for two reasons:

1) lack of dedicated button. There has been a few posts about that. What 
strikes me is that there are two buttons (select and the full screen button) 
that have currently exactly the same function: to switch from full screen to 
windowed mode and back. So we have one spare button. 

In principle one could use the select button to display the next page (short 
click) and the previous one (long click). 

However, as suggested previously, FBreader uses nicely the zoom button to go 
forward/backward. This is being used for the zoom feature in the pdf reader, 
but honestly, how often to do change the zoom while reading a pdf file? Once. 
So the best suggestion is to use the select button to pop-up a zoom chooser 
and the zoom button to scroll down/go to the next page.

Finally, when scrolling down (or up) a page with the D-pad, doesn't it make 
sense to switch to the next page if one is already a the bottom of a page?

2) When displaying the next/prev page, please keep the horizontal position so 
that one does not have to adjust the centering at each page change.

With these two modifications, the pdf reader program would much easier and 
faster to use.



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