[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: pdf reader: suggestions for improvement

From: Nicola Larosa nico at tekNico.net
Date: Mon Nov 6 19:09:08 EET 2006
I share this concern, if not all the proposed solutions. :-)

> On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 03:09:10PM +0100, Damien Challet wrote:
>> The pdf reader (a very nice piece of software) makes it a pain to go to the 
>> next/prev page for two reasons:
>> 1) lack of dedicated button. There has been a few posts about that. What 
>> strikes me is that there are two buttons (select and the full screen button) 
>> that have currently exactly the same function: to switch from full screen to 
>> windowed mode and back. So we have one spare button. 
>> In principle one could use the select button to display the next page (short 
>> click) and the previous one (long click). 

Marius Gedminas wrote:
> The Back button might be a better fit for going to the previous page.

That's a great idea! Select to go the next page, and Back to go to the
previous. It sounds just perfect.

>> However, as suggested previously, FBreader uses nicely the zoom button to go 
>> forward/backward. This is being used for the zoom feature in the pdf reader, 
>> but honestly, how often to do change the zoom while reading a pdf file? Once. 
>> So the best suggestion is to use the select button to pop-up a zoom chooser 
>> and the zoom button to scroll down/go to the next page.
>> Finally, when scrolling down (or up) a page with the D-pad, doesn't it make 
>> sense to switch to the next page if one is already a the bottom of a page?

NO! Please don't! Please please don't! Pretty please? :-)

It's really annoying when scrolling around a page with the arrow keys, one
finds himself on the next or previous page without wanting it.

Much better having dedicated keys, and using them.

Did I already say please don't? ;-)

> Or better yet -- support the "continous" mode that Acrobat Reader and
> Evince have and show parts of both pages at the same time.

No problem in continuous mode, of course. Unfortunately, KPDF exhibits this
exact behavior even when *not* in continuous mode, and that's *mightily*

I opened a bug in the KDE bug tracker for this problem, and it's slowly
building consensus.

>> 2) When displaying the next/prev page, please keep the horizontal position so 
>> that one does not have to adjust the centering at each page change.

I second this one too.

>> With these two modifications, the pdf reader program would much easier and 
>> faster to use.


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