[maemo-users] [maemo-users] install problem

From: David Hagood wowbagger at sktc.net
Date: Fri Nov 10 00:45:24 EET 2006
> "ext maemo-users-bounces at maemo.org" <maemo-users-bounces at maemo.org>
> writes:
>> /# dpkg --configure -a
>> E: error processing maemo-lauchner --(configure):
>> Package is in a very bad inconsistent state . you should reinstall it
>> before attemting configuration.
>> Errors were encountered while processing:
>>  maemo-launcher
> Hmm, how did you get into this state?  I.e., what repositories did you
> use and how did you get the Application Manager to upgrade the
> maemo-launcher package?
> In any case, you should do what dpkg tells you, reinstall
> maemo-launcher.  apt-get should be able to do it for you:
>   # apt-get install maemo-launcher
> or maybe
>   # apt-get --reinstall install maemo-launcher
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You cannot install mameo-launcher if the GUI is up - in other words, you
pretty much cannot install mameo-launcher at all.

Attempting to install maemo-launcher when the GUI is up will cause the
currently running maemo-launcher process to be terminated - which the
device considers a fatal error (and will cause a reboot).

This then leaves the dpkg system in a screwy state.

I don't know if you can turn off the watchdog reset in this case with the
flasher or not.

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