[maemo-users] [maemo-users] NFS on Nokia 770 IT2006?

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Fri Nov 10 17:14:25 EET 2006
On 11/10/06, Tran Van Hoang <ext-tranvan.huang at nokia.com> wrote:
[Christian Henz wrote:]
> > I am confused about the current source code situation with the new OS
> > release. From a quick read of the kernel source thread it appears that
> > the kernel source for the new version is not available. Wouldn't that
> > be a GPL violation?
> You probably misunderstood that thread.
> The new kernel source will be available with the coming maemo release.

Your legal team must have a different interpretation of the GPL to me.
You've released the binary of a GPL-sourced product, but have yet to
provide sources when asked by people with that binary.

Admittedly, you could say "yes, we'll send a CD once we receive your
postal request" and use the lag time to get it sorted, but at the
moment you're in breach of the spirit, if not the absolute limit of
the letter, of the GPL.

> We're sorry it's just being late due to few issues that came up pretty
> late.

As has been pointed out, you must've had sources to build from. The
released version needs to be able to rebuild the GPLed parts of the

However the response has been typical of the well-known problems with
Nokia's development process. You'll garner more community
understanding if you don't just say "please wait", but explain:

   * what the issues are;
   * how the community can help mitigate them in this case;
   * how the community can help prevent them recurring in future;



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