[maemo-users] [maemo-users] IT2005 - need help creating [Desktop Entry] to launch osso-xterm with parameters

From: david feldman wb0gaz at hotmail.com
Date: Wed Nov 22 18:10:28 EET 2006

On my otherwise unmodified IT2005 Nokia 770 (I do not have root access, nor 
have I updated to IT2006), I am trying to create a way to launch osso-xterm 
that in turn will automatically launch an application (in my case, ssh 
client.) I have installed osso-xterm and openssh programs which both work 
well already. Now I am mainly trying to make convenient way to start ssh 
with command line parameters, because it is very cumbersome to manually 
"type" (with the stylus) the whole path to reach ssh and start it from 
within osso-xterm.

I created a new symbolic link in the directory where "others" are launched 
from the desktop:


(ssh.desktop was the name I chose to make it distinct from the other 
.desktop files there.)

This symbolic link (ssh.desktop) is linked to a new file:


I put the file in /media/mmc1 so I could more conveniently edit it (by 
connecting USB from windows machine then using text editor on windows 
machine to let me modify the file.)

This new file /media/mmc1/ssh is actually copied directly from the file 
originally used to launch osso-xterm, but now I can make modified version of 

When these steps were completed, I can now launch osso-xterm using a new 
menu entry, and begin to modify the new menu entry.

Below is the contents of my newly-created [Desktop Entry] file in 
/media/mmc1/ssh; my idea is to launch osso-xterm, which in turn would 
automatically launch /var/lib/install/usr/bin/ssh, which would be launched 
with parameters necessary to open my particular ssh connection (in the copy 
below, I've just noted the ssh parameters with general reference, not my 
specific server.)

When I set this up, I can see the new entry in the "extras" part of the 
desktop menu, and I can see the changed Name of the new icon, so I know I am 
able to modify the file /media/mmc1/ssh.

When I start this application item, it starts osso-xterm but osso-xterm does 
not respond to any of the command line parameters.

I do not know if the [Desktop Entry] file below is not passing parameters to 
osso-xterm, or if the parameters are not being processed by osso-xterm. 
Also, I do not know if --exec is the correct way to tell osso-xterm to start 
a application (rather than just busybox shell). Maybe this is not possible 

Maybe there is a better way to do this?

Thank you for your help!

wb0gaz at hotmail.com


[Desktop Entry]
Name=X Terminal + ssh
Comment=Terminal Emulator
Exec=/var/lib/install/usr/bin/osso-xterm --exec /var/lib/install/usr/bin/ssh 

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