[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Media Streamer limitations...

From: Martin Grimme mgrimme at online.de
Date: Mon Nov 27 15:12:13 EET 2006

Jonathan Greene schrieb:
> I just really started to explore the media streamer app and have
> discovered that it's pretty limited in browsing a library.  I can only
> get about two screen scrolls down which is not very helpful on a large
> library.
> are people using this much?  What's the trick?  I could use a two step
> process with slim server and the audio player, but would prefer the
> all in one solution if it at all possible.

I had exactly the same problem with media streamer when using
gmediaserver as UPnP server. I then switched to fuppes [1] and the
problem disappeared. Besides fuppes and gmediaserver I couldn't find
any UPnP media server for Linux which worked with media streamer.

Seems like UPnP is not a standard but a recommendation which leaves
too much room for free interpretation by the particular implementations.


[1] http://fuppes.sourceforge.net

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