[maemo-users] [maemo-users] N770 with ITT 2006: internet radio stops playing after 5 minutes

From: Ted Zlatanov tzz at bu.edu
Date: Mon Oct 2 22:34:40 EEST 2006
I have a suspicion that this is due to the screen suspend function.
With ITT 2005 edition I never had this problem:

Start an internet radio stream (e.g. Virgin Radio, any will do it)
from the desktop applet or from the full audio player.

After 5 mins, when the screen turns off, it stops playing.

Trying to play again will not work immediately, but after a few
minutes it will work again.

I tried mplayer from the command line and it played the stream; I
walked out of the room and when I came back the tablet had rebooted.
Unfortunately I don't know how long this took, but it was less than 10

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem.  I didn't
see it in the maemo bugzilla.


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