[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Detail parameters for Bluetooth dial-up networking on IT2005 - help please?

From: david feldman wb0gaz at hotmail.com
Date: Thu Oct 12 18:21:41 EEST 2006

I am preparing to configure IT2005 on a Nokia 770 to use bluetooth dial-up 
networking with an associated CDMA cell phone (US Verizon provider network.) 
The phone and dial-up feature have been tested on a regular PC so I know 
what the necessary parameters are.

In the Nokia 770 (under IT2005 - I have not changed to IT2006) the phone is 
found and paired with no difficulty, however, I do not see where I can make 
adjustments to the dial-up parameters. I need to adjust the phone number (in 
the case of Verizon EVDO it is not a number, but is a string that occupies 
this field), as well as the use ID and password.

I then have a need to create a second dial-up initialization using the same 
device, but a different set of dial-up parameters (phone number, user ID, 
password) for a dial-up service that I also need to use with the Nokia 770.

As far as I can tell so far, the only thing I can do with the phone session 
is view some basic parameters (CDMA, dial-up = yes, file transfer = no), but 
I do not see where to adjust the actual dialing parameters, nor create a 
second dial-up session.

Assistance would be appreciated!

Thank you,

wb0gaz at hotmail.com

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