[maemo-users] [maemo-users] logging gps works, exploring Helsinki doesn't

From: Brad Midgley bmidgley at xmission.com
Date: Wed Oct 18 11:39:15 EEST 2006

I finally traded up and got a wintec wbt-100 gps to use with
maemo-mapper. This gps keeps a log of tracks internally and the cvs
version of gpsbabel can read and clear the log.

I've been running gpsbabel on my linux laptop to access the log. It
would not be hard to get gpsbabel running on the 770 and then
maemo-mapper could load and use saved tracks more directly.

I'll be visiting Nokia next week but sadly I found I couldn't convince
maemo-mapper to show anything from Helsinki except blank land & ocean in
street mode and satellite maps at a few inconvenient zoom levels. :(


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