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From: Jonathan Greene atmasphere at atmasphere.net
Date: Fri Oct 20 05:13:51 EEST 2006
Well said Larry.  I am encouraged by the recent GPS bundle announced and hope we will see even more come with a 2007 OS release.  

I'm a "mere" enthusiast but emjoying the platform quite a bit.


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Subject:	Re: [maemo-users] Text Editor with dead keys support
From:	"Larry Battraw" <lbattraw at gmail.com>
Date:		10/20/2006 1:55 am

On 10/19/06, Alessandro Ikeuchi <aikeuchi at santanderbanespa.com.br> wrote:
> Some time ago I made severe critics about the Maemo Development.
> Well, I remain with the same opinion: it´s a crap.
> Too much bla bla bla about "the next upcoming features" and no effective results, > and of course, I was a moron, stupid, puny programmer and other nice adjectives.
> I don´t care... It´s not my company or my job.
> Thanks for nothing to INDT and Nokia for no help at all. Ah, one last question...
> Where are the dozens of new software for nokia 770? I say: with the development
> architecture in use forget it... Indeed, with the arrogance of INDT and the Nokia
> fear to really release the Maemo for true Open Source Development, try a new
> cell fone...

  That's a little harsh don't you think?  I believe Nokia has done
very well for its first open-source platform/device.  They've worked
hard to try and release as much code as possible promptly, and they
are readily contacted whether it's via the dev/user mailing lists,
user forums on ITT, or plain email.  I really think that is valuable
to a community, to have a direct line to the developers and be able to
make and receive feedback.  Opening up Sardine is significant as well,
and the Scratchbox environment is better than any other method of
cross-platform development I've used, bar none.

  This is my third Linux-based PDA (I used an Agenda, then a Zaurus
beforehand) and I don't think people really appreciate how challenging
it is to roll out essentially a brand-new distribution that is
squeezed into the limited resources of a handheld.  Between package
management, different branches for testing and production, bug fixes,
a brand-new user interface and more, it's amazing they have it running
at all, much less making it a success.  It can take years for an
average distro to come up to speed and really shine, and with a little
over a year in I don't think it's doing that badly.  Platform
development and organization are so much better here than with the
Zaurus or Agenda PDAs.  New releases were infrequent, and in the case
of the Sharp/Zaurus developers we never heard a single word out of

  I'm not sure where the comment about a shortage of applications
comes from.  Porting applications is relatively painless, and there is
no shortage of them in the Application Catalogue.  Truly "new"
applications are present as well as ports, and some of the
applications like Maemo-Mapper are really top-notch.

  To conclude, I would suggest that you try and help out if you really
want the 770 to do all you need it to.  It's the open-source way, and
even if you can't code (Although it appears you can) bug reports, help
with testing, and documentation are all needed.  You seem pretty upset
about how things work today, but harsh words against those who work to
support this effort won't improve any of the issues you've raised.

Larry Battraw
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