[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Watching Google Video

From: Jonathan Greene atmasphere at atmasphere.net
Date: Sat Oct 21 15:33:41 EEST 2006
Very cool  - I've only had my 770 a few weeks.  must have missed that.  I'll have to try adding your bookmarklet to my 770.

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Subject:	Re: [maemo-users] Watching Google Video
From:	"Andrew Flegg" <andrew at bleb.org>
Date:		10/21/2006 9:10 am

On 10/20/06, Jonathan Greene <atmasphere at atmasphere.net> wrote:
> Just caught this -- http://www.srobbin.com/2006/10/19/search-and-
> watch-google-video-from-your-mobile-phone/
> You can shortcut right to -- http://srobbin.com/mobilevideo/ -- do a
> search and download the .avi.  I was able to watch (though a tad
> choppy) a quick find on iPhone.  The Video Player app did not
> recognize this file, but MPlayer was able to get it going...

Well, I *did* announce VidConvert here a couple of weeks ago which
*does* specifically work with Google Video, YouTube and any random
video you care to upload or link to WITH the 770's Video Player:




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