[maemo-users] [maemo-users] nokia 770 modem problems after upgrading to maemo 2006

From: werner stadler wvrn at wvrn.cc
Date: Mon Oct 30 09:49:55 EET 2006
is there a backup/restore-utility available for linux (ubuntu drapper or
suse 10.1) or will it be in future? i have no windows available at home.

ps: for the downgrade-thing there are informations on: 
pps: strange: my old siemens s65 works out_of_the_box with the
preconfigured 2006-modem-settings. so lets move back to my old
phone-provider (one.at) ;-)

On Mon, 2006-10-30 at 09:41 +0200, Jakub.Pavelek at nokia.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Bit off-topic, but how about using the built-in backup/restore? We put
> in a lot of effort to restore the settings in "the proper format" when
> moving between the OS versions. That is something rsync will not do and
> running the new applications with old settings is not what you want.
> Br,
> --jakub 
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> >hi.
> >after upgrading my nokia 770 from the (original) 2005 maemo i 
> >can't get my nokia n70 working as a umts-modem again. i took a 
> >"backup" of the old maemo with rsync. here is the story:
> >1) paired the two devices (n70 and 770). the n70's 
> >filebrowsing on the 770 worked.
> >2) set up the connection (connection manager): there is a 
> >preconfigured setting for my provider "drei.at"
> >3) when i try to connect, the telephone responses something 
> >like "do you want to authorise the connection setup.." (i can 
> >change the phone's setting to "always authorise", then there 
> >is no message)
> >4) after a few seconds the message "connection failed...try again?"
> >appears on the nokia 770
> >
> >5) steps to solve the problem
> >5.I) checking the provider's settings: 
> >- *99# (recommended by the hotline and some internet sites) 
> >instead of *99***1# (preconfigured setting on the nokia 770)
> >- empty passwd, login
> >- additional AT-commands: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","drei.at" (should not be
> >needed)
> >i tested it with some variations of the AT-commands above, and 
> >with empty AT-command (preconfigured setting)
> >5.II) getting the old settings out of my rsync-maemo-"backup"
> >5.II.1) i can't find the old dialup-settings anywhere :-(( - 
> >don't know where these usersettings are stored in maemo (nor 
> >in home/.. etc/.. ...
> >grep couldn't find the string "drei.at")
> >5.III) ppp and bluetooth settings
> >i compaired the old and new ppp and bluetooth-settings with 
> >diff - there was nothing noteable, then i (..hack..) just mv'd 
> >the new etc/ppp and etc/bluetooth dir's to x_2006 and rsynced 
> >back the old settings. this didn't change anything.
> >
> >5.IV) downgrade to the old maemo-version :-((((((((((((((((((( 
> >in short: i tried to flash (using flash_2.0, flash, and the new
> >windows-flasher) to an old .bin. maybe i should use the option 
> >"cold-flash" or something else i don't dare to. (does anyone 
> >know how a downgrade works?)
> >
> >6. the main problem seems to be: how can i get a serious 
> >debug-output on the 770 terminal to see how far the connection 
> >setup comes to locate the problem.
> >
> >please someone help me.. the last year was a good one, because 
> >my 770 worked so fine together with my n70. 
> >werner
> >
> >ps: _never_ change a running system..
> >
> >
> >
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