[maemo-users] [maemo-users] PIM suites

From: Hermann Lacheiner hermann.lacheiner at gmx.at
Date: Wed Sep 6 10:31:49 EEST 2006
David King wrote:
> Failing that, are there any other PIM suites other than GPE? It's not 
> that I hate GPE, I'd just like to see my options. Does anyone know 
> anything about the one that Open Hand was supposed to be releasing?

There is already Dates 0.1 released from opened hand: 
Informations about the repository is on the website.

I tried to synchronize Dates (uses evolution-data-server as backend) 
with my desktop evolution with opensync.
I mounted the home directory of the nokia 770 with sshfs and set the 
location of the evolution calendar.ics (used by Dates) in the 
configuration of the evolution plugin.
But even synchronizing with a file on the desktop side didn't work. It 
looked like, opensync could not open the calendar.ics file.
Maybe someone had more success with it?


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