[maemo-users] [maemo-users] hardware upgrade?

From: Frank W. Kooistra f.w.kooistra at ocelot.nl
Date: Tue Sep 12 00:44:12 EEST 2006
On Friday 08 September 2006 10:30, Joel Dimbernat wrote:

> Do you know if Nokia is planning an hardware upgrade on his 770?

No hardware upgrades are planned 
> I'm more and more thinking about buying one, 

word of advice : buy two : if you have apartner : he she will want one too 

> And if there is no new release planed, do you think it's still worth buying
> one?

i have only six , seven friends around me, who bought one after seeing mine, 
three four five more coming 
very versatile, and the right size, good endurance
the only laptop one always carries around. 

great mp3 player etc etc ..  

> Thanks.
> Joel

Frank W. Kooistra 
770 + 64MiB rs-MMC    48MiB swapfile 
770 + 1 GiB MMCmobile 64MiB swapfile
OS 2006 edition Mistral 
Itech VKB - 
SuSe 10.1
Ubuntu 6.06 

The Netherlands

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