[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Relationship between Maemo 2.0 and Internet Tablet 2006 OS?

From: Bob Weber rjweber at ieee.org
Date: Thu Sep 14 02:09:07 EEST 2006
Michael Lapinski wrote:
> Hello,
>  I have successfully gotten Maemo to run on Xephyr on a PC.
>  I have also flashed the Internet Tablet 2006 OS onto the Nokia 770 I
> have. 
>  I dont understand why the Maemo GUI in Xephyr is totally different than
> the one in the IT 2006 OS. Can someone explain to me the relationship
> between the two? 
> If I develop an app for the i386 platform with Xephyr and package it as
> a debian package should I just be able to install it on the 770? 
I cannot answer all your questions, but to get a binary that can run on 
the 770, it needs to be compiled for the ARM. People use Scratchbox for 
this, although it could probably be cross compiled, too. An i386 binary 
will not run on the 770. But you could debug it on the i386, and then 
compile for the ARM.

I haven't done any development for the 770, so I cannot go into much 
detail on how to actually port apps to it.
> -thank you 
> -mtl
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