[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Flash to 2006 trouble

From: Willie McKemie mckemie+maemo at spamcop.net
Date: Tue Sep 19 13:39:26 EEST 2006
On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 11:01:00AM +0200, Frantisek Dufka wrote:
> Marius Gedminas wrote:
> >It has happened to me a couple of times: I'm supposedly online, but
> >every attempt to resolve a name gives me a "Network error".   Going
> >offline and back online helps.
> This could be DNS fault. Happened to me too. dnsmasq deamon caches 
> negative dns lookups (i.e. those which failed), this can be turned off 
> via -N commandline flag. also try to restart dnsmasq (as root) when this 
> happens
> # /etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart
> Does it help? If yes this should be reported in bugzilla.
> I have added -N to OPTS in /etc/init.d/dnsmasq but I'm not sure it 
> helped or not. I don't have this error frequently.

Thanks for the suggestion.  Forgive me, I'm quite the novice at this.  
How might I do the above in the absence of a term?

Does a reboot clear the dns lookup cache?  A reboot does not clear up 
my problem.

BTW, I've downloaded a second copy of the flash image file and got the 
same MD5 as the first.

Here is a bit more information:
1) the 770 browser works on web servers on my LAN
2) the 770 browser fails on internet sites even when I specify the IP, for google for instance.

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