[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Problem: automatic boot from off state

From: Antonio Orlando ant.o at libero.it
Date: Thu Sep 28 18:00:07 EEST 2006
> Following command will let you see contents of the file:
> cat /proc/bootreason
> Please post the output of above command right after the device
> 'automatically' boots up from OFF mode.

Yes I'm still waiting to see again the "auto-boot" behaviour, in order to  
check that file and post the content here. As already said, when booting  
"normally" it contains the string "pwr_key", so let's see what we have  
when the auto-boot triggers.

If this can be a clue, I've used the device in these days (as usual,  
without power chord attached) and I still have no auto-boots (and I turn  
it on and off one or two times per day). There are some days during which  
the weird behaviour occurs frequently (almost always), then everything  
seems going the normal way. Maybe the system date can have some influence  
on that? Just writing nonsense, as I am clueless (and not used to linux,  
as you can argue)

I'll post here the output of cat /proc/bootreason as soon as the auto-boot  
occurs again, let's hope it's going to occur soon (humm... well... really  
my hope is not so big ;)


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