[maemo-users] [maemo-users] US users of Nokia 770 - compatibility with Bluetooth-enabled cellphone as modem

From: Brad Midgley bmidgley at xmission.com
Date: Thu Sep 28 23:52:32 EEST 2006

> I am preparing to replace my cell phone (on the verizon network, hence
> the US-specific question).

First off, none of the pocketpc phones can reliably deliver high-speed
DUN to a linux client. My guess is that the windows xp DUN client
intentionally slows things down so the phone doesn't crash or drop the
connection. The xv6700 will lock up solid when you try to use high-speed
DUN and the samsung i730 will drop the connection randomly. The i730 I
had only worked OK when NOT in an evdo coverage area.

I went round and round with verizon on DUN. I'd recommend Sprint if you
can switch, but if you have to use verizon, this is What I found:

1. Verizon advertises several phones as bluetooth dialup capable and
even names the DUN profile in technical materials without necessarily
following the profile's spec. What you get with some of these phones is
bluetooth dialup *if* you are using their connection software which
obviously does not work on nokia. The nokia will not even be able to
discover the DUN service if this is the problem.

2. You may lose DUN at any time. Verizon removed standards-based DUN
from my e815 during a "required" firmware upgrade. After calling them on
it, they replaced it with a palm 700p, but I'm sure they will continue
this practice.

I hope DUN continues to work on my 700p but at least I have a hope of
finding a third-party palm utility to reenable it if Verizon takes it
away from me.

I am paying $60 for data ($45 for unlimited pda data and $15 on top of
that for the priviledge to use it through bluetooth). Sprint has the
same deal in a $40 data package.


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