[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Problem: automatic boot from off state

From: Fred Pacquier fredp at dial.oleane.com
Date: Fri Sep 29 20:13:14 EEST 2006
Amit Kucheria wrote:
> This is different case from original poster since your device was ON but
> sleeping. 

Oh, thanks for the correction.

> I have created a wiki page about this information:
> http://maemo.org/maemowiki/ReportingRebootIssues?action=show
> Feel free to add more detailed instruction if you need.
> In your case, some program was taking up all CPU, causing a watchdog
> reset. What were you running before you let the device idle?

Most often that would be an xterm with Privoxy running in non-daemon 
mode. After a while the xterm goes "poof" and disappears with the 
Privoxy process still running in the background. Maybe that is part of 
the reason...

OTOH I'm almost sure there also have been auto-reboots when nothing 
special was (apparently) running. I'm going to try and confirm this over 
the weekend by manually rebooting to the default state and watching what 
happens if I don't use it over the next 48 hours...

Thanks for your help,

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