[maemo-users] A/V Sync in Media Player

From: Mike Lococo mikelococo at gmail.com
Date: Mon Dec 3 04:39:24 EET 2007
Hey Folks,

Has anyone else has A/V sync problems with their N800 when watching 
feature length films?  I first encountered this on my 770 back in the 
day, but could never reproduce it using freely available content. 
However I recently saw the issue while watching BloodSpell 
(bloodspell.com), a CC licensed feature length machinima.  If anyone 
wants to try to confirm the behavior:

1) Download the DivX version of bloodspell.
2) Run through Bleb's tablet-encode with the default settings
3) View the resulting Nokia-optimized video on your computer in Totem, 
MPlayer, WMP, QT, whatever to confirm that the audio and video correctly 
sync as expected.
4) Copy the Nokia-optimized video to your N800 and watch it, noticing 
that the A/V sync is way off.

I'm running OS2007 at the moment.

Mike Lococo

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