[maemo-users] bluetooth keyboard with OS2008

From: Austin Che maemo at austinche.name
Date: Mon Dec 3 07:44:14 EET 2007
    I didn't notice these problems with OS2007 that I've started
    having in OS2008 using a bluetooth keyboard (sierra stowaway). Any
    solutions/thoughts welcome.
    - Ctrl-E anywhere appears to bring up the Search box. This makes
    using Emacs difficult and I can't figure out where this key is
    defined (and I can't think of a reason why this should be

    - Ctrl-D in the X terminal consistently freezes it and if I don't
      kill the window, appears to use up all memory.
    - I change the keyboard layout to dvorak with xmodmap. With
    OS2007, I could run xmodmap once and could connect/disconnect the
    keyboard and it would still be in the dvorak layout. Now, the
    keyboard reverts its layout upon keyboard
    disconnect/reconnect. And with the device not always maintaining a
    bluetooth connection when it sleeps/power saves, it changes my
    layout often back to qwerty. This also happens if I connect
    another keyboard (i.e. a usb keyboard) so something appears to be
    resetting the keyboard layout behind my back. It also is sometimes
    reset after some amount of time even when I'm pretty sure the
    keyboard hasn't been disconnected/reconnected.
    - In the X terminal, I sometimes get an extra bar (about same size
    as the toolbar) in the lower part of the screen with "abc" on the
    right. When this happens, when I type on the keyboard, I see word
    completions below similar to what happens with the virtual
    keyboard. But even if I disconnect the bluetooth keyboard, I can't
    get the onscreen keyboard to come back up. I have no idea how I
    got this bar in the first place or how to get rid of it.

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