[maemo-users] further beating on OS2008 beta

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Wed Dec 5 02:47:41 EET 2007
On Tuesday 04 December 2007 01:32:43 am Jussi Kukkonen wrote:
> James Sparenberg wrote:
> >>> But I find a relatively common use case for terminal involves
> >>> switching terminals when in fullscreen mode - more so than
> >>> switching apps. And in full screen mode (maximising terminal
> >>> space), tabs really help this.
> >>
> >> Press Home key and thumb the terminal you want from the window
> >> list.  (it would be nice if the terminal would e.g. show the
> >> current directory name in the window title though)
> >
> > Not very practical actually.  If the screen updates (which if say
> > I'm compiling remotely it's constantly doing) then as soon as the
> > home widget pops up it closes and you can't use it.
>   [clip]
> No, it does not close. The menu stays on top while Xterm updates
> below it (OS v1.2007.44-4).
> > 1.  close the keyboard
> > 2.  put away the stylus
> > 3.  change hand position and minimize the screen
> > 4.  use home key open the list
> > 5.  change windows
> > 6.  re-maximize
> No offence, but it's really starting to sound like you're
> complaining before giving the "home key method" a chance... That
> list is quite far from reality.

Actually the above was there and now that window does stay up... now 
it stays up no matter what I do sometimes *sigh*.....
>  All solutions to this problem are compromises, but as far as I'm
> concerned, the compromise in OS2008 is a damn good one: For the
> price of one additional key press we get maximal screen estate. As
> an added bonus the problem is solved platform wide, not just for
> one program.

The one thing you haven't heard me or others say is. the question "why 
did you fix something that wasn't broken."   I've actually lost 
screen real-estate (when the bar moved to the bottom.) I've never had 
to do left-right scrolling unless I turned my font up to 14+ in point 
size.   Yet instead of saying "we hear you and let us check with 
other users" I'm getting what to me sounds like "shut-up we know what 
you really need".  

Originally all I wanted to know was why the changes were made.  I 
didn't ask for arguments and put downs.  I wanted to know why since 
this tool is so integral to why I own an n800/770 (both) in the first 
place.  If I wanted "shut-up and like it" I'd own a mobile win 
device.  I apologize if my questions annoy you in any way.


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