[maemo-users] Noob Questions

From: Mike Rose mikerose.ni at gmail.com
Date: Wed Dec 5 17:37:50 EET 2007
Hi All,

I just got my N810, and couldn't be happier with it. While everything is
pretty user friendly and obvious, I was wondering if there is a user manual
for OS2008. I just want to be sure I'm using all the shortcuts and features
it has to offer. Another question is once I open rdesktop to my windows box,
the tablet goes into full screen. How do I exit rdesktop to get back to the
N810 desktop? The only way I know how is to turn it off and back on. My last
question is I'm wondering if it's possible to setup DNS suffix? I don't want
to type the long domain every time I try to go to a box on my company's

Thanks for your help!
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