[maemo-users] libraries for running os2007 apps under os2008

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Wed Dec 5 22:06:12 EET 2007
On Wednesday 05 December 2007 08:35:25 am Fred Chittenden wrote:
> Seems like a waste of time since it's likely that many of the 2007
> apps are likely to be ported over to 8OS pretty soon.  IMHO,
> there's other stuff to look at and work on.  Although perhaps
> providing  buggy old version on 8os may push the process along so
> their  namesake code does not get a bad rap.  That kind of stuff
> can be hard to over come.

Yes but first ... it is his time and his choice what to do with it.  
Second aspect.  If you have run Linux for long (I am assuming you 
have btw) you know that all of the distro's run "compat" libs.  If 
Austin is able to create such a creature for maemo this can only help 
the people at Nokia as it gives them greater freedom to innovate with 
less fear of the problems associated with legacy.  

On the other hand .... something still isn't right for me as I'm still 
getting the refusal to install due to version.  Onward and upward.  


> >     I made a script to allow me to run OS2007 apps directly under
> >     OS2008 by installing the appropriate libraries.
> >     http://austinche.name/maemo/compat-os2007.sh
> >
> >     I hand picked the compatibility libraries to install mainly
> > from just testing various apps to see what they needed, so it's
> > quite possible more libraries are needed.
> >
> >     I've tested and successfully run several bora compiled
> > programs including osso-xterm (the old, more usable version),
> > fmradio, and aisleriot. There are some noticeable bugs in many
> > apps but most seem usable at least and seems to me to be a good
> > solution until more apps are ported. Of course, all os2008 apps
> > should still run normally.
> >
> >     Works for me but use at your own risk. Your deb packages and
> >     dependencies could be seriously screwed up.

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