[maemo-users] Disabling password on user certificate for Wifi

From: Frédéric Crozat fred at crozat.net
Date: Thu Dec 6 00:58:52 EET 2007

as I wrote in a previous post, my ISP (Free.fr) has just allow access to
its private Wifi network dedicated to VoIP (called Freephonie.net)
through EAP-TLS, with a set of certificate and public/private key.

It works fine (you need to do some openssl magic to convert the
certificate in pkcs12 format) but IT2008 is requiring a password to
store user certificate. This is extremely frustrating since it requires
typing this password each time you connect to the private Wifi network.
And since this network is provided from a lot of DSL modem provided by
this ISP (about 500 000 modems are already enabled in France), it
doesn't allow to use "always connected" feature of IT2007/2008, while

Is there a way to disable the password for some user certificates ?

PS : the nice consequence of accessing this private network, which
doesn't use NAT, is a workaround to bug
https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1699 (which is still prevent when
not using the private network, ie when using NAT).
Frédéric Crozat 

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