[maemo-users] DVD to tablet

From: DrFredC.com drfredc at drfredc.com
Date: Sun Dec 9 00:03:36 EET 2007
For Windows users interested in taking their DVDs with them on their
tablets via a single pass encoding...  (Note : other options may be
available for other OSs).

* Get and install Handbrake & DVD43 (Free downloads -- search google for
* Put the DVD in your computer, and open up Handbrake.
** In Handbrake,
*** Select Presets > PSP,
*** Source -- DVD Video_TS folder,
*** Pick a file location for the MP4 files.
*** Select Mpeg4 for encoder.
*** Set Width 400 Height 240
*** Select Video Settings => Constant Quality 70%.  (makes a 200-400M
file depending upon movie length).
**** You can optionally select a target file size...  I haven't tried
that option yet.
*** Click Encode Video.  It can take a while to encode (hrs), especially
the last 'mux' step, which doesn't provide a time to completion.
* Move the file to your tablet via USB cable.
* The file plays on Media Player.  Select file with file manager.  Get
better battery life by going offline.

Note -- Handbrake (v 0.9.1) doesn't appear to properly handle encoding
DVD TV episodes.  It only encodes the first show on the DVD.  A work
around may be to queing individual files in the video_ts folder with

Disclaimer -- Don't use this process to make and pass around copies of
copyrighted DVDs...  That's a crime...


Always, Dr Fred C
drfredc at drfredc.com

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