[maemo-users] Keyboard for N800

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Mon Dec 10 00:38:11 EET 2007
Kahlil Johnson wrote:
> Anyone got a good USB keyboard for Maemo I have seen some youtube
> videos on making the Maemo more like a laptop. However it seems they
> use some converter to get it to work. I also read in the past that the
> PSP keyboard was a solution but couldn't get a confirmation on this.
> Finally the igo seemed to work as a bluetooth keyboard
> (http://www.igo.com/product.asp?sku=2524884) under TabletBlog.com
> (http://tabletblog.com/search?q=keyboard). So in the end I am still
> looking for more alternatives.

For my N800 I bought the StowAway (NOT the compact version which is 
crippled) and it works perfectly except

a) the ESC gets intercepted by OS2007
b) OS2007 requires lots of clicks to crank up BlueTooth and make it connect.

But a small price to pay for being able to write documents easily on a 
long flight.


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