[maemo-users] python question

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Mon Dec 10 17:23:07 EET 2007
Hi Luciano!

> To do the update you have to remove all applications depending on 
> python2.4, then python2.4-runtime itself. Just follow the instructions 
> at PyMaemo webpage[1].

No maemo packages installed. Just some of my own scripts
and getmail/smtppush.

> About package size it could be something with dependencies. For example, 
> Python2.4 install some extra packages (libraries, etc). In the other 
> hand, Python2.5 uses pre-installed packages. You don't miss any 
> functionality. We are doing some changes in webpage contents and soon 
> will be available a complete list of modules provided by PyMaemo2.5.
> Another point: I recommend you to use OS2007-HackerEdition, since 
> PyMaemo for OS2006 will be discontinued at OS2008's launch.

Now I could breath again. Gonna try today.
Best regards


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