[maemo-users] DVD to tablet

From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Mon Dec 10 23:22:33 EET 2007
Hi, I'm using Debian, but never played on video encoding... There's lots of
tools in Debian to convert videos. But the question is... what is the best
solution for our 770 tablets? I mean the simplest and lightest (I don't mind
about video quality, but disk space...) So... what kind of format should I
choose as the final form for my DVD to be seen on my 770?


2007/12/9, Paul Dundas <pdundas at btinternet.com>:
> DrFredC.com wrote:
> > For Windows users interested in taking their DVDs with them on their
> > tablets via a single pass encoding...  (Note : other options may be
> > available for other OSs).
> >
> > * Get and install Handbrake & DVD43 (Free downloads -- search google for
> > links)
> ...
> >
> > Note -- Handbrake (v 0.9.1) doesn't appear to properly handle encoding
> > DVD TV episodes.  It only encodes the first show on the DVD.  A work
> > around may be to queing individual files in the video_ts folder with
> > Handbrake.
> >
> Handbrake works well for me (not tried DVD43 - I used dvd decryptor).
> Manually selecting the correct title and chapters should allow you
> to get at other episodes on a DVD which has more than one.
> And for foreign language stuff, Handbrake lets you "bake in" the
> appropriate subtitles.
> Very handy for watching my DVDs while away from home.
> --
> Paul
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